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煎熬 / Suffering

Nghệ sỹ: Jess Lee / Lý Giai Vy - Album: Thank You My Love

Thể loại: Nhạc Quốc Tế / Nhạc Hoa - 182kb/s

I should have known that you're a traveler just like a bird
There is nothing but empty arms after we hugged
Why did you waste time to bother me at that time?
I want to think calmly, never unbalancing love and hate on the scale of my mind.
But I can't when I start to think of you.
I turn off the light; yet I can't escape this catastrophe somewhere.
While listening to the heartbeats, this love becomes suffering like a fire burning me at every minute every second.
The fire is burning; it had better burnt to the ground.
Can't I stop missing?
I believe that I could. I could almost get over you and come back to the lone life again.
I can't get your love; I don't want to beg it as well.
How do I do that I don't need somebody else here to save me when I'm in the deepest bottom of misery. But I am the only one who can rely on.
I believe that I could. I really could. pass through that with smile and receive the embrace from other person.

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